• Special High Zinc Formula
  • Corrects Micronutrient Deficiencies
  • Ideal Maintenance Treatment
  • Foliar Treatment for Stressed Crops

Product Use

Multimin has three main uses. It can be used to correct trace element deficiencies, act as maintenance treatment in intensive rotations and be used as a foliar stimulant to stressed crops growing in adverse conditions. Micronutrient deficiencies are common on light and medium soils with a high pH particularly where liming has been practised or where heavy applications of nitrogen and potash have been used. Maintenance treatments with Multimin are essential in high yielding crops where there is a need for regular supply of micronutrients at key growth stages of the crop.

The Product

Multimin is a super concentrated liquid containing micronutrients in a carefully balanced ratio. All elements are chelated with the exception of Molybdenum. Chelated materials in Multimin afford the following advantages:

  • No scorch problems
  • Easier mixing and no nozzle blockage
  • More rapid uptake of nutrients by root and shoot systems
  • Better compatibility with a wide range of other spray products
  • Nutrients available to plants for a longer period


  • Cereals
  • Peas
  • Potatoes
  • Beans
  • Grassland
  • Oilseed Rape

Dose Timing

Cereals: At stem extension and again at flag leaf to ear emergence.

Potatoes: One application at 1.5 litres/hectare at 50-100% ground cover.

Peas/Beans/Oilseed Rape: At the 6 leaf stage and again at the onset of flowering.

Grassland*: Apply 1 litre per hectare (0.7 pints/acre) as soon as grass starts growth in the Spring following nitrogen application. Further sprays should be applied after cutting or grazing when there is sufficient regrowth to absorb the spray.

* Where animals are to be grazed after application a minimum of 14 days should elapse before animals are introduced to the pasture.


Deficiency Symptoms:

Apply Multimin at 1.5 litres per hectare as soon as deficiency symptoms are seen, when there is sufficient leaf area to absorb the spray. Follow up applications of 1.5 litres/hectare should be applied 10-14 days later if symptoms persist.

Severe Deficiency:

In these situations increase the rate to 2.25 litres per hectare and follow up with 1.5 litres per hectare if symptoms persist. No tank mixing in this situation is recommended.

Stress Conditions:

If crops are suffering from stress caused by adverse growing conditions e.g. waterlogging, compaction or drought, apply Multimin at 0.75 litres per hectare. No tank mixing recommended.

Autumn Applications:

Apply Multimin at 1.5 litres per hectare on cereal on manganese deficient soils. Applications are effective from September through till December. This spray should be in addition to any Spring applications.

Maintenance Treatments

Maintenance treatments should be applied to crops where trace-element deficiencies are suspected but not visible. Best responses are obtained when Multimin is applied at periods of rapid crop growth. The rate of application should be 0.75 litres per hectare except where indicated.


Extensive testing has shown Multimin to be compatible with all the major pesticides in common use when used in accordance with manufacturers recommendations. In order to check the physical compatibility of products in a tank-mix use a glass container, mix small quantities in the ratio they are to be included in the tank-mix and examine for any adverse reaction. Application of herbicides to crops suffering from stress due to trace-element deficiencies or other factors can cause crop scorch. For this reason, Multimin should be used alone in these situations and not mixed with a herbicide.

Tank Mixing

Multimin should be applied in a minimum of 100 litres of water per hectare. (Avoid using too large a quantity as this will encourage run off.)

  • Half fill the sprayer tank.
  • Switch on tank recirculation system.
  • Add pesticides to be used in the tank.
  • Top up sprayer tank with water.
  • Add Multimin to the recirculating tank mixture.

Tank mixes should be used immediately after mixing. Agitation of the spray tank should be continued through all stages of mixing and spraying.


Ensure sprayer and nozzles are clean before application. For best results it is advisable to spray Multimin in the early morning or late evening when crops are preferably moist. Avoid spraying in strong sunshine.