Nutri-Phite PGA®

The Patent Number 5,514,200, describes the formulation of Organic Acids with Phosphite. The Organic Acids prevent the conversion of PO3 to PO4. The same “anti-oxidation” affect of the organic acids, prevents the micronutrients from precipitating.

This means the micronutrients are delivered to the crop – not to the bottom of the spray tank.

Nutri-Phite PGA® is a product designed for improved fertilization efficiency. Over 400 million acres of crops have been safely treated over the past 12 years of use. Nutri-Phite PGA® is sold world-wide and is used on a wide variety of field and horticultural crops. Nutri-Phite PGA® provides a method where growers can meet the phosphorus demands of crop at critical times during the growing season. Often, conventional Phosphate fertilizers fail to meet the needs of the crop and therefore yield and quality are reduced.Nutri-Phite PGA provides a stable and safe method of meeting micronutrient demand.


The formulation of Nutri-Phite PGA® is based on three patents. Nutri-Phite PGA® contains phosphite, which is a phosphorus atom chemically bound to three oxygen atoms PO3. Conventional phosphorus fertilizers contain phosphate PO4. In addition, Nutri-Phite PGA® contains a proprietary and carefully researched blend of organic acids. Only Nutri-Phite PGA® with patented organic acids is proven to

Stabilize (prevents oxidation) and safens (buffers) the phosphite molecule

Increase the absorption of the nutrients through the leaf by the plant.

Benefits – At a Glance

Improves Crop Yield and Quality

Improves Crop Health

Fully compatible with pesticides

Safe – When applied according to labelled instructions, no risk of crop injury

Bio Activity

Nutri-Phite PGA® Stimulates the key metabolic pathways involved in:

Growth and Development

Natural plant defense