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The Adjuvant for use with Residual Herbicides

BackRow may be used in:

– Cereals, with residual herbicides such as Crystal, Defy, Liberator, Movon, Stomp, etc. – Winter Oilseed Rape, with residual herbicides such as Associate, Centium, Katamaran Turbo, Springbok etc. – Potatoes, with residual herbicides such as Artist, Linuron, Defy, Sencorex, etc.

To obtain the maximum benefit, use BackRow where:

  • ideally the partner herbicide acts through both shoots and roots;
  • weeds have not emerged

For specific recommendations consult Novokem.

BackRow is a complex blend of unique non-ionic surfactants, emulsifiers and a specialist oil designed to optimise the deposition of residual herbicides by minimising drift and ensuring a uniform coverage of the soil surface.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces the number of fine spray droplets
  • Improves deposition and coverage of the soil
  • Positions the herbicide within the top layer
  • Maximum performance in tough conditions
  • Good crop safety

Rates of Use

IRRESPECTIVE of water volume: 

  • Autumn: 200 ml/ha
  • Spring: 400 ml/ha


Half fill the spray tank with clean water and commence agitation. Add the recommended quantity of BackRow. Then add the recommended quantity of pesticide and the remaining balance of water whilst maintaining agitation throughout.