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Soluble inorganic micronutrient. Contains 80 g/l magnesium as the nitrate.

Rates: 1.25 – 6.0 l/ha in at least 200 l/ha of water Packs per pallet: 32 x 20 litres or 1000 litre (IBC)

Formulation: Magnite is a soluble, inorganic nutrient in a highly soluble and plant available nitrate from to correct micronutrient deficiency or imbalance in a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops.

Rates of Use & Timing:


Yield depression can result from a deficiency of magnesium in the flag leaf. Wheats have shown quality improvements from a further application at GS39-59. Up to GS31: Marginal deficiency apply 1.25 l/ha. Moderate deficiency apply 2.5 l/ha GS32: Apply 3-6 l/ha. GS39-59: Apply 3/6 l/ha.


Has a high requirement for magnesium. Transitory shortage should be avoided in order to promote optimum growth as early as possible. Apply 3.0-6.0 l/ha at the 4-8 leaf stage.


Magnesium in important to potatoes due to its role in carbohydrate production. It can also improve quality by minimising internal blackening and bruising. Apply 3.0-5.0 l/ha once there is sufficient leaf to absorb the spray and continue the programme of 3-4 applications over the season.

Sugar Beet:

Apply 3.0 l/ha from the 6-8 leaf expanded leaf stage or as indicated by tissue analysis.

Vegetables and Brassicas:

Apply 3.0 l/ha from the 4-6 fully expanded leaf stage or as indicated by tissue analysis.

Oilseed Rape:

Adequate magnesium levels are essential to ensure good crop establishment. Apply 3.0 l/ha when the crop has reached the 4-leaf stage of growth and has sufficient leaf area to absorb the spray.


Apply 3.0 l/ha from petal fall. Apples are likely to need three applications 2-5 weeks apart or apply according to tissue analysis.


Apply 3.0 l/ha from the end of flowering. Three applications, 3-5 weeks apart are likely to be required.


Magnite is incompatible with 2,4-DB/MCPA, Invader and Unix.