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Boron 15

Soluble inorganic liquid micronutrient. contains 150 g/l of boron as boron ethanolamine

Rates: 1.25-2.5 litres/ha Packs per pallet: 36x2x10 litres, 4×200 litres, 1000 litre IBC

Introduction: Boron is an essential micronutrient for regulation plant cell water balance and sugar translocation. It is also of importance in reproductive systems, ensuring healthy pollen development. Deficiency can adversely affect most crops, including vegetables, brassicas, root crops, horticultural crops and oilseed rape, impairing growth, yield and quality.

Rates of Use

Marginal deficiency: 1.25 l/ha in 200 l/ha water Moderate deficiency: 2.5 l/ha in 200 l/ha water Severe deficiency: 2.5 l/ha in 200 l/ha. Repeat after 3-4 weeks and again if symptoms return.


Oilseed Rape: Recent work based on replicated trials has shown that best results (including positive yield responses) are achieved through application of boron in the Autumn followed by a Spring application. Apply in the Autumn at the 6-8 leaf stage. Apply again in Spring at early stem-extension.


Headland Boron 15 is incompatible with Headland Spirit