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The Adjuvant for Improved Coverage and Placement

Slippa may be used in:

– Cereals, (for control of stem based diseases, especially eyespot). – Oilseed Rape, (for use with approved sulphur formulations).

For specific recommendations consult Novokem.

Slippa is a ‘super-spreader’ containing an organosilicone/linear alcohol surfactant blend enabling swifter penetration of difficult-to-wet areas, such as the control of ear diseases and pests, as well as enhancing desiccation.

Key Benefits

  • Superior contact to the target
  • Ensures that the chemical is fully spread
  • Swifter penetration of difficult-to-wet areas
  • Chemical is quickly moved to the point of action
  • Significantly reduces the surface tension of the spray solution

Rates of Use

  • 0.10% of the total spray volume e.g: 200 mls/ha in 200 litres of water or 100 mls/ha in 100 litres of water


Half fill the spray tank with clean water and commence agitation. Add the recommended quantity of Slippa. Then add the recommended quantity of plant protection product and the remaining balance of water whilst maintaining agitation throughout.