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Iskay , Pod Protector

For Pod Shatter Control during Harvest –

Iskay is a specialist pod sticker designed to minimise seed loss due to pod shatter during harvest, especially in oilseed rape.

Iskay plus desiccant herbicides – Iskay may be safely used with desiccant herbicides such as glyphosate and diquat. Please ensure that the desiccant is added to the spray tank and is fully dispersed before the addition of Iskay.

For specific recommendations consult Novokem.

Programme Timings

Apply Iskay from when pods are green and bendy (BBCH 80) to fully ripe or when nearly all pods are ripe and seeds are black and hard (BBCH 89).

Mode of Action

The polymer blend used in Iskay forms a ‘lattice’ or mesh over the pod. This prevents the pod from splitting when maturing or during harvest, thereby minimising seed loss. Once applied Iskay still allows the pod to mature naturally, enabling the crop to achieve its maximum yield.

Key Benefits

  • Minimises seed loss
  • Improves yield
  • Reduces volunteers
  • No effect on seed quality/maturity
  • Allows efficient harvest

Rates of Use

  • 0.5 – 1.0 l/ha in 150 – 400 l/ha as a medium quality spray
  • Use the higher rates of Iskay and higher water volumes in dense crops.


Three-quarter fill the spray tank with clean water and commence agitation. Add the recommended quantity of Iskay. Then add the remaining balance of water whilst maintaining agitation throughout.

Sprayer Cleaning Following application the sprayer should immediately be cleaned with water and a non-ionic wetter, ensuring thorough removal of any Iskay residues from the spray tank and spray equipment (e.g. pump, spray boom and nozzles).