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Soluble inorganic liquid micronutrient. Contains 300 g/l of manganese as the nitrate.


1-2 litres/ha Packs per pallet 36 x 2 x10 litres, 4 x 200 litres, 1000 litre IBC


Headland Jett is and advanced formulation of manganese that is rapidly taken up by the plant. Jett can be used to correct micronutrient deficiency or imbalance in a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops. Manganese is used in the plant in conjunction with other essential nutrients for stimulation of various enzyme systems. Its major role is in the synthesis of chlorophyll and metabolism of nitrogen. Most crops are sensitive to manganese levels, particularly cereals, vegetables, brassicas, root crops and fruit. Headland Jett is a liquid formulation containing manganese as the highly soluble and plant available nitrate. Plants can utilise nitrates up to 25% more efficiently than the same amount of element from sulphate sources and the solubility of nitrates allows more concentrated formulations to be produced.

Rates of Use:

Marginal deficiency:

1.25 l/ha in 200 l/ha water Moderate deficiency: 2.5 l/ha in 200 l/ha water

In areas of severe or known deficiency a programme of applications throughout the growing season may be necessary.

Do not exceed more than 12 litres per season.


Apply whenever a manganese deficiency is observed or expected or as a routine maintenance treatment.

Applications may commence after 3-leaf stage or as soon as there is sufficient foliage to absorb the spray. Best results will be obtained from applications made during the early morning or evening when moiture is present in the plant. Do not apply in extremes of temperature, very bright sunlight or when crops are under drought or other stress.

Winter cereals and Winter Oilseed Rape will have a requirement for manganese in the autumn. This should be followed in the spring by a further application if required pre-stem extension to ensure adequate levels at a time of rapid growth.

Peas, Potatoes and Sugar Beet can benefit from a programmed approach.


Headland Jett is incompatible with bentazone+MCPB and formulations containing triflusulfuron-methyl.