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Gro-Stop PCS NO 03115

Regardless of how long potatoes are stored, sprouting is always undesirable as it causes weight loss and quality deterioration, which can lead to substantial financial losses. Storage conditions are of course important, but the use of sprout suppressants is essential to provide certainty for the storage of a high quality crop.

Several CIPC formulations have been developed under the brand name Gro-Stopā„¢. Tubers can be treated with Gro-Stop Ready, Gro-Stop Basis or Gro-Stop Dust as they are being placed in store. Additionally or alternatively, stores can be fogged with a space treatment with Gro-Stop Fog or Gro-Stop Innovator during the storage period. Using the ventilation system, the fog will reach all the stored potatoes whether stored in bulk storage or in boxes. Gro-Stop Innovator is the first formulation suitable for cold fogging and sets a new standard in sprout suppressants.

The development of potato processing into crisps and chips needs a continuous year round supply of high quality potatoes and therefore long term storage is needed. This provides markets for CIPC in many countries around the world. Certis works through several distribution partners to service most of the global markets for CIPC.