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Reduce drift and maximise coverage

Keeping late blight out of potato crops is a season long campaign for growers. SRUC specialist in blight epidemiology and control, Dr. Ruairidh Bain, believes that spray coverage is one of the key factors of the blight control programme that needs to be improved to protect potato crops against the new, more aggressive genotypes. Crusade is a flexible drift retardant specifically designed to maximise coverage with a range of different fungicides.

Developed to help tackle the practical problems growers face

Developed for use throughout the blight programme, Crusade has been designed to help maximise fungicide performance.

Proven efficacy in independent trials

Crusade has been rigorously tested and proven in SRUC and Eurofins blight trials over the last 5 years with a range of fungicides, where it has been shown to improve blight control and blight free yield by maximising fungicide dose throughout the crop canopy.